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 This is a copy of the official Mequon ordinance on fireworks, which was sent to the PPHOA secretary via email.  Please refrain from using them this summer!  We have had numerous complaints, and the homeowners will call the police.

Hi Ms Bazan,
I've copy and pasted the city ordinances on fireworks below (taken directly from the City of Mequon website, under "ordinances.")
The cliffnotes version, to save you time, is highlighted below.  Pretty much no fireworks allowed, except for the things highlighted below (sparklers, caps, snakes, confetti, etc - small type things).  In some cases permits are issued for people to use bigger fireworks, but those are few and far between.  The fireworks you hear in general are likely illegal.  Feel free to call the PD if you hear some in the area and we can check into things further. 
Hope this helps.
Officer K. Studinski-Toryfter
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
In this article, the term "fireworks" means anything manufactured, processed or packaged for exploding, emitting sparks or combustion which does not have another common use.
The term does not include any of the following:
Fuel or lubricant.
A firearm cartridge or shotgun shell.
A flare used or possessed or sold for use as a signal in an emergency or in the operations of a railway, aircraft, watercraft or motor vehicle.
A match, cigarette lighter, stove, furnace, candle, lantern or space heater.
An explosive cap containing not more than one-quarter grain of an explosive mixture, if the cap is used or possessed or sold for use in a device which prevents direct bodily contact with the cap when it is in place for explosion.
A toy snake which contains no mercury.
A model rocket engine.
Tobacco and tobacco products.
A sparkler on a wire or wood stick not exceeding 36 inches in length that is designed to produce audible or visible effects or to produce audible and visible effects.
A device designed to spray out paper confetti or streamers and which contains less than one-quarter grain of explosive mixture.
A fuseless device that is designed to produce audible or visible effects or audible and visual effects that contains less than one-quarter grain of explosive mixture.
A device that is designed primarily to burn pyrotechnic smoke-producing mixtures, at a controlled rate, and that produces audible or visible effects or audible and visual effects.
A cylindrical fountain that consists of one or more tubes and that is classified by the federal department of transportation as a division 1.4 explosive, as defined in 49 CFR 173.50.
A cone fountain that is classified by the federal department of transportation as a division 1.4 explosive, as defined in 49 CFR 173.50.
(Ord. No. 2004-1128, § I(11.01(1)), 1-11-2005)
No person shall sell, expose or offer for sale, use, keep, and discharge or explode any fireworks within the limits of the City of Mequon except as provided in section 30-91.
(Ord. No. 2004-1128, § I(11.01(1)), 1-11-2005)
No wholesaler, dealer, jobber or permit holder may store or handle fireworks on premises unless the premises are equipped with fire extinguishers meeting the approval of fire department personnel.
No smoking is permitted within 50 feet of where fireworks are kept or stored.
No fireworks may be stored or kept within 50 feet of a residence.
No fireworks may be stored within 50 feet of a public assemblage or within 150 feet of a place where gasoline is dispensed in quantities over one gallon.
(Ord. No. 2004-1128, § I(11.01(1)), 1-11-2005)
Police officers and/or firefighters are authorized to seize any fireworks possessed by any person contrary to this section, whether or not the person is charged with violating this section.
Seized fireworks, in cases where a person or persons are charged, shall be held for evidence in a subsequent court proceeding unless, in the opinion of the fire chief, the quantity and type of fireworks cannot be safely stored. In that event, the fireworks shall be photographed and destroyed as soon as practicable.
(Ord. No. 2004-1128, § I(11.01(1)), 1-11-2005)
Permit for public display. Fireworks, other than those prohibited by the laws of the state, may be used and displayed in open fields, public parks, private parks or rivers, public lakes and ponds, fair associations, amusement parks, park boards, civic organizations, and groups of individuals that have been granted a permit for such display by the mayor. Applications for permits shall be filed in writing with the city clerk who shall refer such applications to the mayor.
Exceptions. The permit requirement does not apply to:
The City of Mequon.
The possession and use of explosives in accordance with rules or general orders of the department of commerce.
The disposal of hazardous substances in accordance with rules adopted by the department of natural resources.
The possession or use of explosive or combustible materials in connection with any classes conducted by educational institutions.
A person transporting fireworks through the city is not required to obtain a permit unless the person remains in the city for more than 12 hours.
(Ord. No. 2004-1128, § I(11.01(1)), 1-11-2005)
Ofc K. Studinski-Toryfter (#945)
Mequon Police Department
11300 N. Buntrock Ave
Mequon WI 53092