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April, 2016

Dear Homeowner,


The dues for the current fiscal year are $600.  A statement of dues and a letter explaining our expenses have been sent to each homeowner.  Please be prompt in your payment.  Thank you!  If you have questions, please direct them to Chuck Barney, our treasurer, at 241-6367.



Board of Directors

Mequon Park Place Homeowners Association  

PPHOA Storm Water Issues

There is a need for Residents to perform periodic maintenance (removal of Debris) of their storm water drainage ditches. *


Areas of concern

  • Street ditches in front/side of our personal residences
  • Street culvert(s) under our driveway(s)
  • Non-street (side and rear areas) storm water drainage waterways.

Problems with Debris

  • Slows the movement of water away from your property (drainage).
  • Blocks/plugs driveway and street culverts.
  • Clogs main catch basins and French drains
  • Nutrients from natural debris facilitate more weed and grass growth in our waterways and pond.
  • Matted leaves kill grass in groomed ditches and waterways.
  • Branches catch and trap other debris causing blockages.

Things to do (remove debris)

  • Rake leaves and remove them from the property.*
  • Much leaves into your lawn (small amounts are good nutrients for your lawn)
  • Keep culverts clear of leaves, branches, yard trash gravel and dirt.
  • Control weed and grass growth by trimming, brush mowing, poisoning or pulling.
  • Pick up sticks/branches and yard trash (especially plastic bags).

* The city of Mequon stopped picking up yard waste in January of 2004. The City does provide a yard waste recycling center dump site. The City cuts the main Park Place storm waterway drainage ditch once a year and cleans out our underground French drain on an as needed basis, but no more than once a year. PPHOA by-laws do not permit burning of yard waste.


All homeowners who are replacing roofs must submit a sample to our architectural board for approval.  Brown , gray or black are the basic approved colors.  For a sample of an approved architectural shingle roof in Park Place, please see the home at 10216 N. Aster Lane.  A shingle that is not archictectural or dimensional in appearance will not be approved.   Please email or call a board member to submit a sample and have your contract or proposal stamped and signed.  Thank you.  Questions?  Call Theresa at 262-240-0880.




As we enter the season of remodeling and other home improvement projects, please remember that the Declarations of the subdivision require that all such projects be reviewed and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Board before construction begins.

Ø  “All” really means “all” and includes replacing a cedar shake roof with non-shake shingles, re-painting using a substantially different color, major changes to exterior landscaping, as well as building additions and exterior remodeling.

Ø  The officers of the Homeowners Association comprise the Architectural Control Board (currently Chuck Barney, Mike Basso, Theresa Bazan, Julie Gusho, Lois Mankus, Fran Myers and Trevor Will).

Ø  The Architectural Board tries to act quickly on requests to approve plans, but please give us at least 10 days to review your project – do not expect us to be able to approve your plans instantly because “the contractors are arriving tomorrow.”

Ø  If you are building an addition or changing the external appearance of your home or property, please talk with your neighbors before submitting your plans.

Ø  If you are planning to install a dimensional shingle roof, we suggest that you contact us in advance so we can give you a list of approved shingles and colors.

Ø  The purpose of the Architectural Board’s review is not to second-guess your aesthetic taste or unduly limit what you can do with your property, but to maintain a relatively consistent set of standards for the neighborhood as set out in the Declarations.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with these requirements.

                                                            The Architectural Control Board

Architectural Board Approval

 All Exterior home improvements require approval of architectural control board.  Detailed plans including construction drawings showing dimensions, composition and color of exterior materials and equipment, and a plot plan showing the location of the improvement.  Please see section 2.03, page 6 of the Park Place by-laws for further information.  Please email or call a board member to submit plans to be stamped and signed.  Thank you!  Questions?  Call Theresa at 262-240-880.


All mailboxes are to be of uniform size, materials and form.  John Ipavec, at Ipavec's Inc. Garden & Grounds, can duplicate our mailboxes.  His phone # is (262) 242-9178.


Dirt Bikes

Reports of dirt bikes on the streets have been issued to the Mequon Police.  We would like to inform you that the use of and operation of dirt bikes on Park Place streets is not allowed.